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With pressure mounting the night before her wedding Violet spits fury and seawater to reclaim a stake in her own life, consequences be damned. But fantasy doesn’t blend with reality without a fight.

Let’s answer the question, what if Fleabag and Monty Python had a baby? What if Terry Pratchett had tits and talons? What if the small town from Hot Fuzz met the stress of the Purge and all its subsequent sequels? A spoken word comedy tragedy that sends out a tidal wave of language and crashing bodies. Can you handle the pressure?

Originally written by Louise Catherwood for the East 15 DEBUT FESTIVAL in March 2021, The Seabreeze Calls Me returned for the Camden Fringe that same year and was performed at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. Following a successful Arts Council application and with the support of our fantastic friends and families, the play was developed further in 2022 during an R&D at Swindon's Shoebox Theatre and a two night run at The Bridge House Theatre in Penge.

Where will it go next? We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime check out our four star review from Always Time for Theatre!


Director - Rachael Gavin Stott

Writer - Louise Catherwood

Composer - Sophie Walmsley

Company Stage Manager for the Bridge House - Theodore Hung 


Violet - Louise Catherwood

Adam - Lewis Williams

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