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Let us say there were three Godwin sisters, there weren’t, but let's say there were.


Mary is the one you’ve heard of.


Claire is the Kardashian of her age. 


And Frances is just happy to be involved. 


It’s 1816 and Mary Shelley is about to start work on Frankenstein. Lord Byron has been banished to Europe and the who’s who of Romantic literature is holed up in a villa on the banks of Lake Geneva. The weather is terrible, the wine is flowing, and the worst is yet to come. 


A Year Without Summer is a scrappy trip through twisted history with music, dance and a heavy dose of monsters. 

A scratch performance of A Year Without Summer was performed in 2021 as part of the East 15 LAUNCH FESTIVAL at The Space Theatre, Isle of Dogs. A new draft is in the works and we hope to have news to announce about the project soon!


Director - Rachael Gavin Stott

Writer - Rachael Gavin Stott

Producer - Louise Catherwood

Music written by the cast and Rachael Gavin Stott


Mary - Poppy King

Claire - Sophie Walmsley

Frances - Louise Catherwood

Polidori - Lewis Williams 

Shelley - Hille Auvinen

Byron - Samuel Xavier

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